Are You A Fixer Or A Fiddler?

DIY – you either love it – or you loathe it!

Changing a light bulb is challenging for some, whilst for others it’s something you do without thinking about it.

Are you one to get on with repairing anything (or getting someone in to fix the problem) the moment a problem arises, or are you one to put off the dreaded deed in the hope that the problem will go away (which it never does!)?

Have you noticed that the smart and tidy looking homes tend to be the ones where the occupants give it a lick of paint every now and then, or a thorough spring clean once a year?

Your email list is no different.

After a while, it can start getting a bit “tired”.

Subscribers to your list might stop opening your emails for whatever reason, and so it’s worth undertaking a bit of maintenance to keep your list in good condition.

A fresh list can be a responsive list. Throw in a bit of organisation and you can split your lists into sub-lists i.e. a list of actual buyers; a list of subscribers who open your emails; a list of subscribers who are not responsive.

For those subscribers who haven’t responded in any shape or form for months, why not invite them to unsubscribe?

Yes, it may be a bit radical, but if it gets some names OFF your list, then all well and good, because it means your list is now starting to look fresh and more responsive.

Once You have undertaken a bit of maintenance on your list, you can then assess what types of emails and offers to send each sub-list or category, thereby making your own business work far more efficiently.

Maintenance of your list for maintenance sake is not exactly going to float anyone’s boat. However, if you get approached by another marketer or online business owner that wants to do a potentially profitable joint venture with you, now do you see why maintaining your list is a worthwhile exercise?

Conversely, you should now have more confidence approaching someone with a similar-sized list to yours who might be interested in an ad-swap to grow your list exponentially, or a joint venture, or a webinar, or staging a seminar.

You’ve heard the term that the money is in the list, haven’t you?

The money may well be in the list, but only if the list is a quality list – and maintenance of your list will help ensure you have an asset generating a good revenue stream for you.

Have a great day!

Jeff Laming

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