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The Money Is In The List – Why?

The mantra of the internet marketer…

“The Money Is In The List”

But why do 99.9% of Internet Marketing “gurus” tell you this?

There are several reasons why building your own email list is critical for your long term success with Affiliate Marketing.

For example…

Say you are advertising a product or service and you send your traffic direct to the affiliate page or sales page.

You have just that 1 shot at persuading your prospective customer to purchase.

Human nature now dictates that some people need to see an offer often 7 times or more before they purchase.

Your 1 chance has just BEEN and GONE!
Now, if you had send your prospective customer to Your optin page (squeeze page) first and captured their name and email address…

You would now be able to follow them up with emails persuading them to purchase.

Your follow-up emails should show your prospects how they can benefit from your product or service.
PLUS, and more importantly, you can promote any similar product or service direct to your list in the future…

This is HUGE and can provide long term income, building a relationship with your subscribers and selling them related products and services that you know they are already interested in.


Writing responsive email copy is as much a science as it is an art form.

Watch this video in which Armand Morin reveals the personal pursuasion strategies he uses in order to drive people to his websites.

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